FYI: Cinco de drinko is NOT Mexican Independence Day

5 May


Cinco de Mayo is probably the most misunderstood “holiday” of all time.  Since I grew up in San Diego and have a HUGE affinity for any food and/or drink related to Mexico, I’ve decided to post some One Delish Dish fun facts relating to this day:

1.  The actual Mexican Independence Day is September 16th.

2.  Sorry to break it to you beloved college frat boys, but Cinco de Mayo is not when Mexicans commemorate the invention of Jose Cuervo, Tecate and sombreros (you all know who I’m referring to). 

3.  Just so you can impress someone…Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico’s victory over the French in the 1862 Battle of Puebla.  French occupation of Mexico took place after the Mexican-American War, the Mexican Civil War and the Reform War (la Guerra de Reforma).  This was a significant victory because 4,000 Mexican soldiers overthrew the formerly undefeated, 8,000-man French army.

4.  This day is celebrated all over the U.S., but in Mexico, it’s mainly celebrated in the southern state of Puebla, where the battle was won.

5.  Ohhhh so this is why everyone here gets wasted… “Cinco de Mayo has been heavily promoted by U.S. liquor companies and distributors since the 1960s to boost springtime sales in advance of more solemn — and less party-hearty — observances as Mother’s Day, Armed Services Day and Memorial Day.”

I know you may want me to just let you drink your salt-rimmed margarita and eat your chimichanga in peace, and I’m all for that, please don’t get me wrong – but I do believe it’s nice to get a little perspective on a feasty fiesta occasion such as this one.  Have fun, be safe y Feliz Cinco de Mayo! 

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