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Ludo Ludo LudoTruck!

7 Sep

Chef Ludo Lefebvre has undoubtedly made his culinary mark here in Los Angeles.  Upon completing his 13 year culinary training in France, Chef Ludo immigrated to LA in his early 20’s and quickly became executive chef at acclaimed local restaurants, L’Orangerie and Bastide.  Soon thereafter, Ludo was a top contender on Iron Chef and Top Chef Masters and created his infamous LudoBites – a “touring” restaurant event where the Chef takes over an existing restaurant’s space for roughly a month and works his culinary magic for LA foodies.

When he’s not busy planning his next LudoBites event, Chef Ludo also has his LudoTruck.  Serving up tasty finger food with a unique twist – this massive, bright-red kitchen on wheels is difficult to miss when cruising the LA streets.  Although Ludo has described his culinary style as “French with an international flavor,” for me, LudoTruck is the perfect diversion from Chef Ludo’s traditional gourmet fare.  This time, he takes tasty standard American staples (fried chicken, wings, slaw and fries) and infuses them with French-based sauces, spices and methods of preparation that subtly enhance and exceptionalize the standard food truck experience.

LudoTruck Menu:

Provencal Pepittes (fried chicken bites crusted with breadcrumbs and herbs de Provence)

Honey-Garlic Glazed Wings

Crunchy Buttermilk Strips

Ludo’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich (with cole slaw and béarnaise mayo on toasted pain de mie)

“Perfect 3-day French-Fries” & Ludo’s Cole Slaw

Homemade Sauces:  BBQ, Béarnaise, Honey-Whole Grain Mustard

In the Midst of Delish Food Domination

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